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MANICA is providing technical sport design services to the architects of the project Nikken Sekkei + Pascual Ausio Arquitectes
New Camp Nou
Stadium Renovation
Barcelona, Spain
On 8 March, 2016 FC Barcelona announced that the Espai Barça jury had unanimously selected the bid by Nikken Sekkei + Pascual i Ausió Arquitectes  as the winner of the tender for the design of the new Camp Nou. The jury, made up of five FCB members, three members of the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) and one member of Barcelona City Council, made its decision after a review of the different proposals by a technical commission in accordance with the criteria established in the regulations and requirements for the tender.

MANICA Architecture is providing technical sport design services to the architects of the project Nikken Sekkei + Pascual Ausió Arquitectes.

The  design concept was selected by FCB for being  open, elegant, serene, timeless Mediterranean and democratic. Also of note is its respectful relationship with its surroundings and the city: providing visual depth by creating shade and shadows along the facade,  and a beautiful sense of openness at all times.. The design subtlety intervenes with the neighborhood to facilitate circulation and achieve diverse urban usage in the Barça Campus while simultaneously guaranteeing a clear and safe phased construction period over multiple playing seasons.

The following points are the key concepts behind the renovation design:
  • Recover excellence with a stadium for approximately 105,000 spectators with modern comforts and services
  • Open façade consisting of three open concourses protected by pitched eaves
  • The New Camp Nou is seamlessly integrated in the Espai Barça Campus
  • Maintains a level access to the street all around the stadium
  • 12 vertical circulation cores with stairs, escalators and lifts, with access to the second and third tiers
  • A spacious sky deck over-looking the seating bowl and the City
  • A sustainable stadium, smart and green, harvesting water and energy from the sun
Work on the current stadium, which holds nearly 100,000 fans, is set to get underway during the 2017/18 season and is planned to be completed in the 2020/21.