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The Monarch Bar
Kansas City, MO
The Monarch Bar is a social setting for the cocktail-curious and the drinks connoisseur - the “vision come to life” of a team of architects and bartenders who collaborated on every detail to re-imagine the bar as we know it. The glass-covered Monarch Terrace offers outdoor seating for up to 60 and welcomes guests to relax, meet and unwind late into the night. Entering the Main Bar, your first impression is of elegance and beauty. Pride of place belongs to the center bar, approachable from all sides and sculpted from imported Italian stone. One thousand Monarch butterflies take flight from the chandelier art installation overhead, an inspired collaboration with the Kansas City Art Institute. There is room for 24 seats at the center bar with two dedicated bartenders. It takes a moment to realize that there is no back bar, nothing to obstruct the perfect sightlines of the room, allowing for eye contact from all vantage points. The bartenders operate from an ingenious under-bar equipment design, engineered for high performance and service - with every ingredient just within reach. Form meets function beautifully in this partnership between the architects of space and cocktails. An additional 50 seats on banquettes encircle the room, with a stone fireplace on one wall flanked by two intimate seating booths. A custom designed and fabricated bar cart inspired by the West London style of bespoke drinks allows the service team in the lounge area to make tableside Negronis and stirred classics. Behind the scenes, two other teams are executing food and drinks in the kitchen and a hidden bar in order to ensure a constant flow of conversation and good times for all guests. Creativity and refined hospitality reign in every detail, including the locally sourced small plates menu designed with cocktail pairings in mind.
The Parlour, a small innter bar and lounge, lies behind a closed unmarked door and is available by invitation only. Reservations are required for this private one-of-a-kind experience that features an cocktail list exclusive to the room along with the rarest spirits and fine wines.