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Kuala Lumpur Arena
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Located adjacent to the Lebuh Raya KLIA freeway and near to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, this new multi-purpose indoor arena has been designed to host first class international entertainment, broadcast, and sporting events.  With a large concert capacity of approximately 17,000 seats, its unique design and seating configuration allows for a maximum end stage concert capacity while maintaining flexibility to host a wide variety of other events and spectacles.  The design respects all international standards for sport and entertainment, making it the premiere entertainment venue in Malaysia capable of hosting international quality events.

The key inspiration for the building form is the concept of forward movement, modernism, and grace. The most striking element is the roof, which extends, becoming a large canopy sheltering the main entrance and external stage area. Its bold form marks it as special and iconic style uniquely related to its function. The building sits on a distinct podium structure, which allows easier access and light into the mezzanine areas. Additionally, the podium emphasizes the drama of approach and entry into the main concourse.

The arena sits within the larger mixed-use KLIA Aeropolis development.  MAHB, the developer and owner of the Aeropolis project, is building the large mixed-use development with the express intent to make it a premiere international destination for business and leisure. Located just three miles from the KL International Airport, and only 28 minutes from KL Sentral Station, the new Kuala Lumpur Arena is positionted to be a major attraction for both the local Malayan people as well as a wide variety of international business and leisure visitors.