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Minsk Hockey Arena
Concept Design
Minsk, Belarus
As the anchor of the entire lakeside redevelopment, the Minsk Ice Arena will be the premier sport and entertainment destination in Belarus.
Inspired by the elegant forms of ice crystals, the building’s dynamic form is also a direct reflection of the excitement and motion of the events that take place inside.  The sweeping angular lines of the building not only provide the building’s unique identity, but they serve to guide and direct the guests to key entry points.  Large areas of glass curtain wall provide views out to the park and surrounding development, and allow the building to glow at night.  The glowing crystal jewel will be visible from far away, and will be a spectacular addition to the skyline of the surrounding area.
The primary entrance lobby on the north of the building will have expansive views into the Nine Hundred Year Park, allowing the lobby to become an extension of the grand exterior space. The drum of the arena has been designed with angled windows that will glow during events, perhaps in multiple colors, emphasizing the excitement of the activities within. The roof floats above the other angled lines, providing a sense of lift and grandeur to the entire design.
The design of the Minsk Ice Arena is intended to be the most iconic and recognized building in the city.  A design that responds to its environment and its use, and a building that will endure for generations to come.