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Guangzhou Arena
Asian Games 2010
Guangzhou, China
Designed from its inception to be one of the most successful arenas in the world, the Guangzhou Arena hosted the Asian Games events in 2010, and after became home to a wide variety of world class events such as basketball, international ice events, and major music concerts.  The building’s design also specifically accommodates the rigorous standards of the NBA, a feature that will allow it to become home to the league’s expansion throughout Asia.  Everything about the arena design and layout was carefully considered to ensure its long term success.  The site, located in the quickly developing Luogang district, is well situated for ease of use and access.  With multiple transit stops, and close proximity to major vehicular arteries, the arena will be an easy and enjoyable destination to travel to.
The elegance continues into the arena where guests are greeted by a spacious grand concourse, high ceilings, and direct access to their seats in the lower seating area.  Each seat has been designed to maximize comfort and views for all guests, and the concourses incorporate a wide variety of food, beverage, with a large number of restroom facilities.  The arena is a truly exceptional and memorable place to see a game or enjoy a concert.
MANICA Architecture led the design of this project in cooperation with the local design institute of GZDI.
The development is recognized worldwide as one of the premiere sport and entertainment destination for the entire city and the southern region of China.