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David Manica led the design of this project as an employee of HOK Venue (now Populous)
Peoria Civic Center
Peoria, Illinois
The Peoria Civic Center, originally designed by the first-ever Pritzker Prize winner, Philip Johnson, will undergo its second major expansion since it first opened in 1982. The expansion design successfully solves the difficult challenge of creating a solution that is both iconic and visionary for the city, and sensitive to the original design intent of Johnson.
The existing center, which uniquely combines an arena, exhibition hall, and performing arts theater, sought to expand its exhibition facilities to a total of 110,000 contiguous square feet. Additional requirements including the flexible meeting room/ballroom space, new administrative offices, street level retail, a new Grand Hall entry, and improved loading and servicing of the entire facility will propel Peoria into the next competitive market tier and ensure the facility’s growth and success long into the future. The distinctive design offered minimal disruption of the ongoing operations to the facility during construction, and continues to synergize the existing arena and theater – further increasing the return on the expansion’s capital investment. The long sweeping curves of the design create a new front door entrance for the entire facility, complimenting Johnson’s existing “string of pearls” glass arcade concept and replicating the graceful easy curves of the nearby river that sparked Peoria’s historical development.

David Manica led the design of this project as an employee of HOK Sport (now Populous)