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David Manica led the design of this project as an employee of HOK Venue (now Populous)
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona
The multi-phased 1.5 million square foot expansion and construction of the New Phoenix Convention Center establishes a distinct architectural expression based on Arizona’s native land forms. Reminiscent of the area’s striated stone canyons and valleys, the building’s massing and exteriors imply that it has almost risen out of the ground. The design seeks to minimize the height of the large building by locating the exhibition halls both underground and above the street level. This unique design concept also creates an opportunity to articulate the street level experience with retail, ballroom entrances, and public atriums that re-open connections throughout the city.
Considering the facility’s sunbelt locale and extreme summer climate, the design also responds to its environment in an efficient and sustainable manner. Shade canopies and deep recesses protect the east and west elevations from direct sunlight. In addition, careful siting of the building protects the West and South elevations from excessive heat gains
Unlike the average convention centers that populate most cities throughout the country, the new Phoenix Convention Center challenges all conventional wisdom. Carefully considered design elements such as outdoor fountains supplied from the AC condensate lines, outdoor desert landscape gardens and meeting rooms, and a true 360-degree interaction with the surrounding city will help make this convention center unlike any other in the country. This project represents what convention center design can and should be – functional, efficient, beautiful, and most importantly, a reflection of the true spirit of its home.

David Manica led the design of this project as an employee of HOK Sport (now Populous)