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Marc Badain
President, NFL Raiders
"David has consistently delivered for us on multiple projects.  His vision is unmatched.  He balances creative brilliance with an understanding of all aspects of a project and the overall impact of every decision.  We’re fortunate that our buildings will have his stamp on them for decades to come."
Andrei Peregoudov
Chairman, VTB Arena
"I’m happy to work with David on our VTB Arena project.  Thanks to his efforts, it will deliver the utmost experience for all involved. His state-of-the-art approach to creating the ideal venue, including the comprehensive and thorough workup of all details and his success in meeting all our miscellaneous requirements, makes him the true leader in the field of sports and entertainment facilities design. With his involvement and leadership, we are making our Stadium and Arena project a real masterpiece.”
Tim Romani
CEO, ICON Venue Group
“I had the pleasure of working with David on projects in China and Italy. ICON is very diligent in selecting the designers we work with; particularly in our international portfolio. Our projects demand accountability and our architects must listen and deliver on the objectives we articulate. David has a unique ability to comprehend a design challenge and develop solutions that are both creative and functional. The speed and quality of his design production makes David a ‘go to’ resource in our industry.” 
Eric Heacock
Vice President, Global Venue Development & Oversight , NBA
“In my career, which spans several industries, I have never worked with someone as impressive as David.  He is a modern-day Da Vinci.  His creative and design talent is on par with the best in the world today, but it is his understanding and respect for our business, and his unwavering work ethic that make him truly unique.”
Ian Nuttal
Founder, Stadia Magazine & Xperiology
“The sheer scale of the new Wembley Stadium tends to overwhelm first-time visitors. But they cannot fail to be impressed at the fine design of the seating bowl.  David Manica succeeded where many others would fail – providing 90,000-seats over three levels while maintaining a sense of intimacy and sporting intensity. All credit to him for that.”
Miss Lin Min
Director Planning, GET
“During the cooperation process with David Manica, we are all deeply impressed by his professionalism. He works carefully and always keeps improving. He adopts a responsible attitude and finds the perfect solution for each problem with his wisdom and unique insight. He is regarded as an excellent architect.”
David Carlock
Former SVP Business Development, Houston Rockets
“David used his design and relationship skills very effectively to help us achieve our goal of creating an innovative and elegant space. His vision is evident throughout the facility. More importantly, David’s commitment to protect our interests and the integrity of the design process was unwavering.”
Chen Gang
Vice Mayor, Beijing, China
“David, you saved this project. Thank you.”
Steve Patterson
Former Chief Development Officer, Houston Texans
“David has great vision, is a wonderful designer and has the ability to help us make tough decisions that kept the project on track while maintaining the architectural integrity of the building. The stadium has been a great success for all the tenants and fans while greatly enhancing the city’s sports and entertainment environment. It will continue to do so for many years to come.”
Bruce Schulze
Former President, Dolphin Stadium
“Having close to thirty years of experience in the stadium industry myself, David’s unique approach to facilities, their appearance, and the guest experience is by far the most worthwhile and significant I have encountered. Working with David is a great pleasure.”
Scott Sumners
Former Deputy Manager, The Phoenix Convention Center
“David’s ability to listen to input from all of our stakeholders and deliver a balanced solution was a fundamental part of our success. In the end, David delivered a design that met all of our goals - budget, schedule, functionality, context, and aesthetics. The insight, wisdom, and creativity David brought to our project was remarkable.”
Debbie Ritschel
Former General Manager, The Peoria Civic Center
“David not only has the ability to create great design which meets the clients’ goals, but works with clients to carry that information and excitement to all who must ‘buy in’ to the project.  He is an architect who listens and communicates to the broad range of the ‘public’ - from the man on the street to the mayor and city council.  In these times, successful architects must have all of these skills to actually get projects built.”
David Peart
Former Vice President Corporate Sales, Houston Texans
“David is not only talented from a design standpoint, but he has a keen sense of understanding how a building should work for the client; how the building will serve as a sales platform for a team; how the facility will work from the fans’ perspective; and how the facility will serve as a civic icon. David not only managed all of those competing needs, he was able to excel in each area through his design and vision.”